Secure Payment

Q:What payment methods do you support?
A:To bring you convenience, we support the payment of Credit Card online, bank transfer(10% discount), Western Union(10% discount), MoneyGram(10% discount) payments.

Q: My credit card was Failure or Declined, now what?
A: There are various reasons for a Failure or Declined credit card transaction.
1. Your information is wrong or the billing address on our site was different with your card billing address.
2. Insufficient Balance or Card Limit! Please check your Balance or Card Limit and checkout again.
3. your bank(card issuer) declined the transaction for verification, please contact your bank to allow the transaction and checkout again.
If your credit card is still not being accepted here are some suggestions:
-Check your card information: credit card name, card number, expiration day, CVC2/CVV2 then checkout again.
-Check your card Balance and card limit then checkout again.
-contact your issue bank to allow the transaction if your card information is right then checkout again.
- Wait 1 day and then try again
- Try a different credit card

Q:Is it safe to make payment on your website?
A:It's no doubt that it is safe to shop on our website. Since we start our business, we have received high reputation. Your payment will be finished on a secured page. All private information will be automatically encrypted and Our Company does not record any of your payment information.

Q: How do I pay for an order?
A: To pay for your order, please follow the steps below:
1. Pick up your order and click the "Checkout" button
2. Choose your preferred payment method on the checkout page

Q: How to Pay for old orders or combined orders
A: To repay your order, please follow the steps below:
1. Choose the orders in the order list page and copy order to shopping cart
2. then checkout

Q: How to confirm if the payment goes through
You will receive a payment result email(but some emails may be rejected by mail filter, spam, so we suggest you to use gmail). You can view statements for your credit and debit cards to check if the payment went through.

Q: What will show on my card billing history
Because we can not show the status with replica goods, it will show a different statements for your order. Please view statements after you confirm your order payment go through.

Every Item has its case(box), dust bag, glasses also come with cleaning cloth.